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This site has been built to heal the wounds of the 6 February 2023 earthquake

What is “One Rent, One Home”?

One Rent, One Home is a solidarity initiative launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and İhtiyaç Haritası (Needs Map) to bring together or bridge the citizens who lost their homes in the Kahramanmaraş earthquake of February 6, 2023 and citizens who wish to provide rent support or their vacant houses for use. This initiative is based on the lessons learnt from Izmir earthquake of October 30, 2021 and the software that was developed during the response.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collects requests for basic necessities in the scope of the initiative. İhtiyaç Haritası (Needs Map) is responsible for establishing and maintaining the initiative’s technical infrastructure.

Within the scope of “One Rent One Home”, the support of 10.000 TL for three months is a life-line support for earthquake-affected people to establish a new life order. This can be used for house rent and basic necessities.

The “One Rent One Home” Campaign brings together citizens who are in need of support with generous citizens who provide support of over 10,000 TL without intermediaries.

How does “One Rent, One Home

The One Rent, One Home is a solidarity initiative that only brings together or bridges people in need of a home due to the earthquake with those willing to support their rent or to share their vacant houses for use.

How can I apply for the “One Rent, One Home” Initiative?

The initiative’s website, developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and İhtiyaç Haritası (Needs Map), is accessible at www.birkirabiryuva.org. There are three options on the campaign page: “I Need Rental Support”, “I Want to Provide Rental Support”, and “I Want to Share My Vacant House”. Citizens who wish to provide rental support should complete the application form with their aid amount and personal details. In order to participate, homeowners who have a suitable vacant house and are willing to share it with citizens affected by the earthquake victims must fill out the declaration form and provide the other necessary information. Authorities of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality facilitate communication with the participants so that assistance can be provided directly to individuals in need.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collaborates with the municipalities in the earthquake region in order to ensure that all individuals in need are made aware of the initiative.

In With Cooperation

Damaged House Assembly Area Earthquake Insensity

House Needs of the Citizens per Cities

Total Need for House
Number of People Providing Rental Support
Total Support
413.775.905 ₺
Number of Houses Shared

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